Woodlore Shutters

Looking for an alternative to regular wood shutters? Discover the EcoSmart Engineered Wood Shutter™ from Norman. These shutters have a solid Medium Density Fiber (MDF) core offering a smooth, even surface that won’t fade, chip, or crack over time. Its patented polypropylene coating protects the exterior for optimal durability. Woodlore® is constructed from strong wood composite, making it an extremely environmentally friendly option for your home or business.

Benefits of Woodlore® Shutters include:

  • Shutters are heat resistant and won’t ever yellow from sun exposure.
  • The exterior protects against stains, so it’s easy to keep clean.
  • Thickness and surface of the shutters are more consistent over traditional wood shutters.
  • They come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty for ultimate peace of mind.

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