Woodbury Shutters

For an extremely durable and beautiful window covering, discover Woodbury® Shutters from Norman. Constructed with ABSpolymer and finished with a UV-resistant coating, these shutters hold up against extreme wear, humidity, condensation, and sunlight exposure. Woodbury® is available in a great selection of enduring finishes, making them a beautiful addition to any room. These exquisitely designed shutters offer many other benefits, including:

  • Won’t ever chip, crack, or stain
  • Easy to maintain
  • Waterproof with steel hardware installed
  • Won’t warp or shrink when exposed to moisture
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Woodbury® features an extensive color palette with more whites and off-whites to suit your design preferences. It’s wide-panel capable up to 36 inches, so you’ll be able to enjoy outdoor views more seamlessly. Contact us to learn more about the advantages offered by Woodbury® Shutters.