Summer Window Coverings

Great Home Improvement Projects for Your Window Coverings This Summer

With summer right around the corner, you may be considering taking on some home improvement projects. One good way to give your home a new look is to spruce up your window areas. Perhaps you are in the market for the latest window treatments, or maybe you have already invested in window coverings, but they could use some extra TLC to really bring out their beauty. Here are some great home improvement projects for your California window treatments this summer.

Give Window Coverings a Good Dusting

This is a free home improvement project that you can take care of without too much effort on your part. Whether you have blinds, shades, or shutters, your window treatments need regular care to maintain their original beauty. Dusting them as part of your normal summer cleaning routine will keep them looking great year-round. You can simply use a feather duster or your vacuum’s brush attachment to handle the job. Remember, you should never spray water or chemical cleaners directly on the window covering. Doing so could cause irreversible damage to the material. window coverings

If your blinds or shutters have difficult-to-remove stains, you shouldn’t hesitate to call the professionals at Blinds and More, Inc. We are trained in all kinds of window treatments and how each type of product should be cared for, and we love to share our knowledge with our local customers! You can expect us to offer up a cleaning solution that ensures your window treatments retain their appearance for years to come.

Add New Window Treatments

Are you ready to replace outdated window treatments in your home? Summer is an excellent time to take advantage of the expansive options available from Blinds and More, Inc. We offer:

  • Blinds—Aluminum, faux wood, wood and vertical blinds
  • Shades—Cellular, dual, roller, Roman, sheer and woven wood shades
  • Shutters— Wood, poly, composite and vinyl shutters

With a broad array of styles and colors available, your options are practically limitless! We offer a free consultation with our expert designer to get you started. We’ll visit your home and help you decide on the right window treatments for your budget. Once you’ve made a selection, we will schedule your professional installation. Before you know it, you’ll have brand-new window treatments that will add the right mix of personality and elegance to your home.

Repair Window Coverings

Our window treatments are designed to hold up against normal wear and tear, but sometimes, accidents happen. Be sure to check off any repairs your window coverings require this summer season. Delaying repairs can affect the aesthetic appeal of your window fashions, and it could potentially make the problem worse. From stiff or broken hinges to damaged slats, we can address a wide range of repair needs here at Blinds and More, Inc.

Often, repairing your existing window treatments will be far cheaper than replacing them entirely, so we will do our best to find a solution that works. When you call us for service, we will have a professional visit your home, assess the issue, and provide the best repair recommendation. We take pride in offering each of our customers honest service and knowledgeable advice that’s stemmed from years of experience in the industry.

Blinds and More, Inc. coordinates repairs for all types of blinds, shutters, and shades. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that you can use your existing window treatments for as long as possible. With our help, your window coverings will look as good as the day you had them installed!

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Serving all of Central Valley, Blinds and More, Inc. is your local source for high-quality shutters, blinds, and shades from the industry’s most trusted suppliers. We have been a member of the community for over 24 years, and our customers know that they can count on our experts to have the solutions they need for their window treatments now and in the future.

Whether you want to enhance your current window treatments or you are looking to invest in new shutters or blinds, our friendly staff is prepared to assist you every step of the way.

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Buying Plantation Shutters

What Should I Consider When Buying Plantation Shutters?

Buying plantation shutters for your home is an investment that offers enhanced aesthetic appeal, functional light control, increased privacy, and energy efficiency. These shutters simply exude quality and style. With a stunning appearance and unmatched versatility, plantation shutters are a preferred window treatment for today’s homeowners. buying plantation shutters for bedroom - blinds and more inc bakersfield, ca

Plantation shutters provide the rustic look that’s become increasingly popular over the years. However, there are several factors that you’ll need to consider during your purchase to ensure a successful experience. Here are six of the most important things to keep in mind when shopping for plantation shutters.

1.   Frame Style

The frame is used to mount your shutters, and they usually come with either an inside or outside mounting option. A strong frame will keep your panels aligned and support your window treatment for years to come. Z-frames, L-frames, and Deco frames are common for plantation shutters.

  • L-frames are square and sit directly inside the window opening, so it won’t distract from the beauty of your shutters.
  • Z-frames have an overlapping trim designed to enhance your decor. They also help to hide any gaps in the window placement.
  • Deco frames mount on the wall near the window’s opening and are a good choice when you don’t have existing trim.

Our design consultant can guide you through the pros and cons of each frame and help you make the most informed choice.

  1. Divider Rails

You will also need to decide if you want divider rails for each of your shutters. Divider rails are permanent horizontal rails used to create sections so that louvers can be adjusted independently. They help to add strength and better light control to the window treatment. Keep in mind that divider rails are required for panel heights that exceed 74 inches.

3.   Louvre Size

Are you interested in a modern look with clean, wide-open windows or a more traditional appearance with classic double-hung shutters? The louvre’s size can make all the difference in how your home feels to you. With Blinds and More, Inc., you have diverse design options.

Generally, the size of louvre slats ranges from 2.5 to 4.5 inches. If you go with a smaller size, the slats will be close together. These are good choices for bedrooms where you want more privacy and don’t plan to let a lot of natural light in. Alternatively, the wider slats will be further apart, allowing more light to pass through. This makes them a great option for common areas of the home where you want to add a grander feel. They help make big windows look larger and, with the perfect tilt control, create just the right amount of ambiance for your space. Our experts can help you choose a louvre size that matches your vision.

4.   Tilt and Motorization

When buying plantation shutters, you have to consider how the shutter louvres open and close. Shutters are adjusted with a tilt rod. The traditional tilt rod is located at the front of the panel. You raise the rod up and down to adjust the tilt. Modern plantation shutters also come with invisible tilt options. In this case, you can operate louvres all at once without the need for a visible tilt rod.

Blinds and More, Inc. also offers PowerView® Motorization for your complete convenience. This system works with controls or the PowerView® app to automatically adjust your plantation shutters. You can pre-set your shutters to open in the morning and close at night without having to lift a finger. With the touch of a button, you can create a stunning room setting at just the right position.

5.   Cleaning

Your plantation shutters will need regular cleaning to stay pristine. Usually, a simple feather duster will do the trick. Keep in mind that smaller louvres may collect dust easier since the space between slats is more compact, so you should be extra thorough and ensure your duster can fit in between each one. You can also use the brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner to clear away dust. Remember never to spray water or chemical cleaners on the shutters as these can result in the warping or discoloration of the material.

6.   Cost Versus Quality

Plantation shutters are definitely an investment in your home, and prices vary across the market. To get the most years out of your shutters, it’s best to work with trusted manufacturers known for quality. At Blinds and More, Inc., we partner with the industry’s top brands to offer our clients some of the best plantation shutters available.

Consult the Experts at Blinds and More, Inc.

Are you in the market for plantation shutters, but you have no idea where to start? Get in touch with Blinds and More, Inc. today. Our experts can help you design the perfect solution for your home and budget. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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Cleaning Plantation Shutters

Cleaning Tips for Plantation Shutters

If you are considering investing in plantation shutters for your home, one factor that might influence your decision is how simple they are to keep clean. This type of window covering is actually very easy to maintain. With the proper care, your Bakersfield plantation shutters will remain in pristine condition for years to come.

At Blinds and More, Inc., our handcrafted plantation shutters are already protected by high-quality finishes that defend against scratches, chips, dust, dirt, and stains. However, there may be times when you notice that your shutters need a little extra TLC to restore them to their original condition. When that happens, you should keep the following cleaning tips in mind. plantation shutters

Dust Frequently

Including the dusting of your plantation shutters as part of your weekly cleaning routine will help prevent issues with them in the future. Dusting will keep microscopic dirt, dust, and debris from accumulating on the shutters, ensuring that they retain their beautiful luster. At Blinds and More, Inc., we recommend using a clean feather duster or soft cloth to eliminate dust from shutters and their hinges. The brush attachment on your vacuum will also do the job effectively. These methods are gentle and won’t negatively impact the look of your window treatment.

Minimize Moisture Exposure

For hard-to-remove dirt, you can use a slightly dampened cloth to remove the mess. It’s best to use a cotton cloth instead of a polyester one, which can actually draw in more dirt. You should dab at the dirt until it is no longer visible on the shutter. This method should restore the appearance of your window treatments. Remember to never spray water directly on the finish itself. Prolonged exposure to moisture can make shutters warp or become discolored. For extremely stubborn stains, don’t hesitate to contact one of our professionals for a recommendation.

Avoid Liquid Cleaners

Liquid cleaning products contain chemicals that are too harsh to be used on plantation shutters safely. These types of cleaners can scratch and damage the finish, so it is best to avoid them altogether when cleaning your window treatments. Also, remember to take care when cleaning your actual windows with glass cleaner or other cleaning products. You should spray the cleaner directly on the cloth rather than on the window itself. This will help prevent the cleaner from running or splashing onto your plantation shutters.

Enlist Professional Cleaning Help

The above general tips can help keep your plantation shutters in like-new condition year after year. However, if you find that shutters aren’t looking their best after a cleaning, you can contact Blinds and More, Inc. for help. Our professionals know the ins and outs of plantation shutter care and maintenance, and we’ll come up with a solution that returns your window treatments to their original state.

Plantation Shutters—A Valuable Home Investment

Now that you know cleaning your new plantation shutters will be a breeze, it’s time to find the right ones for your home. From traditional to contemporary, Blinds and More, Inc. offers shutters to match any home’s décor. Options are available in wood, poly, composite and vinyl materials. Not only will these shutters beautify your home, but they also offer a number of other benefits, including:

  • Enhanced privacy: You can open and close your shutters as needed for complete privacy control. Motorization options make this even easier for you since you can set the shutters to automatically adjust on a specific schedule for ultimate convenience.
  • UV protection: Shutters help block out harmful UV rays better than traditional curtains, drapes, or blinds. This will help protect your floors and furniture from excessive UV exposure over time.
  • Child and pet friendly: Our cordless plantation shutters are constructed from premium materials designed to hold up against chips, cracks, and stains. This makes them a great fit for a home with small children and/or pets.
  • Energy efficiency: Plantation shutters add extra insulation to your home, so they are effective at controlling indoor temperatures during anytime of the year.
  • Light control: Your shutters can be adjusted to allow in—or keep out—natural light to your preference. Use them to create just the right amount of ambiance any time of day.

Contact Your Local Blinds and Shutters Company

Plantation shutters will add beauty and function to your Bakersfield home, and with the right cleaning techniques, you can be sure that they will last a long time. Customers across the Central Valley trust Blinds and More, Inc. with all of their blinds and shutters needs. We’ve been serving Kern County for over 24 years, and we work with today’s top manufacturers to bring our customers premium products and innovative technology.

Ready to learn more about our plantation shutters? Contact Blinds and More, Inc. today to schedule a free design consultation with our team.

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Investing in Plantation Shutters for Your Home

6 Benefits of Investing in Plantation Shutters for Your Home

Plantation shutters are in very high demand for homeowners today who are looking to add some additional beauty, function, and value to their homes. Blinds and More, Inc. offers a variety of plantation shutters to fit your specific needs, budget, and design requirements. If you decide to invest in new planation shutters in Bakersfield, you will reap the many benefits offered by this type of window covering. plantation shutters

1. Energy Efficiency

Did you know that up to 30% of your home’s energy use is lost through tiny leaks in your windows? This can have a substantial impact on your monthly budget. Our handcrafted plantation shutters in Bakersfield are designed to insulate against extreme hot and cold. Not only will the shutters help to reduce your overall energy expenses, but they also help you naturally maintain a more comfortable temperature in your home. Many of our manufacturers have energy-efficient options for you to discover and reap in some savings each year.

2. Privacy and Light Control

Plantation shutters offer much more privacy than just plain windows alone. With all of the options that are available on the market today, you can achieve the level of security that you want for your home. For example, you can close the shutters completely for total privacy. When you want to let some light in, simply tilt the louvers to your preference to allow natural light to fill the space. Remember to tilt the shutters at an angle for your taller windows so that passersby won’t be able to see the inside of your home. This kind of privacy and light control would be difficult to achieve with only traditional window treatments like curtains and drapes.

3. Adds Value to Your Home

When you have custom-made shutters in place, your home will have a hint of southern sophistication and style that could add significant value to your residence. Should you later decide to upgrade to a new home, the potential buyers will love the elegance and durability of the plantation shutters that you’ve had installed. Depending on your individual situation, you could get more than you would expect in the final sale price.

4. Improved Aesthetic Appeal

Imagine your windows outfitted with beautiful wood shutters in colors that perfectly complement your existing décor. Plantation shutters throughout your home will create a uniform look and enhance its overall aesthetic appeal. Our plantation shutters are made from real hardwood and feature high-quality dovetail construction that’s designed to last for many years. With infinite color options and specialty shapes available, our low-maintenance, high-luster shutters look stunning in any room.

5. Durable Construction

Plantation shutters will provide you with many more years of use than you will get from more conventional window coverings. Blinds and More, Inc. offers some of the best material options in wood, poly, composite, and vinyl shutters that are available on the market today. Our plantation shutters feature long-lasting coatings specially designed to hold up against moisture, fading, chips, cracks, discoloration, and extreme temperature changes. This makes them a great choice for couples and pets or families with children.

Their sturdy construction and quality craftsmanship make plantation shutters less susceptible to problems that other window treatments can experience over time. This means that you won’t have to replace them nearly as frequently, making them a solid investment choice.

6. Low Maintenance

Plantation shutters are some of the easiest window coverings to care for. With large slats, plantation shutters can be dusted off with a feather duster or wiped down with a soft cloth, mild soap, and water. The vibrant finish will look great for years to come with minimal effort on your part.

Contact Blinds and More, Inc. Today

With all of these benefits, you’ll find that plantation shutters are a worthwhile investment for your home. When you work with Blinds and More, Inc., you’ll gain access to the top manufacturers in the industry. Our expert design team will visit your home and help you select the right shutters for each of your spaces. If you have an oddly shaped window or another special request, you can rely on our staff to find the best solution. Whether you opt for motorized shutters or manual ones, our goal is to help our customers achieve the look that they want at a price that works within their budget.

When it’s time for the installation, our subcontractors will take a professional and meticulous approach to the job to ensure long-lasting performance. If you do happen to have a problem with your shutters later down the line, you can count on us to help you with the repairs or your other maintenance needs. Having served the Central Valley for over 24 years, we take pride in being here when our customers need us.

Are you ready to start your project? Contact Blinds and More, Inc. in Bakersfield, CA, today and receive a free estimate and design consultation. We have a knowledgeable team ready to help you create and install the beautiful shutters that you have been envisioning for your home.

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