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Cleaning Plantation Shutters

Cleaning Tips for Plantation Shutters

If you are considering investing in plantation shutters for your home, one factor that might influence your decision is how simple they are to keep clean. This type of window covering is actually very easy to maintain. With the proper care, your Bakersfield plantation shutters will remain in pristine condition for years to come.

At Blinds and More, Inc., our handcrafted plantation shutters are already protected by high-quality finishes that defend against scratches, chips, dust, dirt, and stains. However, there may be times when you notice that your shutters need a little extra TLC to restore them to their original condition. When that happens, you should keep the following cleaning tips in mind.

Dust Frequently

Including the dusting of your plantation shutters as part of your weekly cleaning routine will help prevent issues with them in the future. Dusting will keep microscopic dirt, dust, and debris from accumulating on the shutters, ensuring that they retain their beautiful luster. At Blinds and More, Inc., we recommend using a clean feather duster or soft cloth to eliminate dust from shutters and their hinges. The brush attachment on your vacuum will also do the job effectively. These methods are gentle and won’t negatively impact the look of your window treatment.

Minimize Moisture Exposure

For hard-to-remove dirt, you can use a slightly dampened cloth to remove the mess. It’s best to use a cotton cloth instead of a polyester one, which can actually draw in more dirt. You should dab at the dirt until it is no longer visible on the shutter. This method should restore the appearance of your window treatments. Remember to never spray water directly on the finish itself. Prolonged exposure to moisture can make shutters warp or become discolored. For extremely stubborn stains, don’t hesitate to contact one of our professionals for a recommendation.

Avoid Liquid Cleaners

Liquid cleaning products contain chemicals that are too harsh to be used on plantation shutters safely. These types of cleaners can scratch and damage the finish, so it is best to avoid them altogether when cleaning your window treatments. Also, remember to take care when cleaning your actual windows with glass cleaner or other cleaning products. You should spray the cleaner directly on the cloth rather than on the window itself. This will help prevent the cleaner from running or splashing onto your plantation shutters.

Enlist Professional Cleaning Help

The above general tips can help keep your plantation shutters in like-new condition year after year. However, if you find that shutters aren’t looking their best after a cleaning, you can contact Blinds and More, Inc. for help. Our professionals know the ins and outs of plantation shutter care and maintenance, and we’ll come up with a solution that returns your window treatments to their original state.

Plantation Shutters—a Valuable Home Investment

Now that you know cleaning your new plantation shutters will be a breeze, it’s time to find the right ones for your home. From traditional to contemporary, Blinds and More, Inc. offers shutters to match any home’s décor. Options are available in wood, poly, composite and vinyl materials. Not only will these shutters beautify your home, but they also offer a number of other benefits, including:

  • Enhanced privacy: You can open and close your shutters as needed for complete privacy control. Motorization options make this even easier for you since you can set the shutters to automatically adjust on a specific schedule for ultimate convenience.
  • UV protection: Shutters help block out harmful UV rays better than traditional curtains, drapes, or blinds. This will help protect your floors and furniture from excessive UV exposure over time.
  • Child and pet friendly: Our cordless plantation shutters are constructed from premium materials designed to hold up against chips, cracks, and stains. This makes them a great fit for a home with small children and/or pets.
  • Energy efficiency: Plantation shutters add extra insulation to your home, so they are effective at controlling indoor temperatures during anytime of the year.
  • Light control: Your shutters can be adjusted to allow in—or keep out—natural light to your preference. Use them to create just the right amount of ambiance any time of day.

Contact Your Local Blinds and Shutters Company

Plantation shutters will add beauty and function to your Bakersfield home, and with the right cleaning techniques, you can be sure that they will last a long time. Customers across the Central Valley trust Blinds and More, Inc. with all of their blinds and shutters needs. We’ve been serving Kern County for over 24 years, and we work with today’s top manufacturers to bring our customers premium products and innovative technology.

Ready to learn more about our plantation shutters? Contact Blinds and More, Inc. today to schedule a free design consultation with our team.

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