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Buying Plantation Shutters

What Should I Consider When Buying Plantation Shutters?

Buying plantation shutters for your home is an investment that offers enhanced aesthetic appeal, functional light control, increased privacy, and energy efficiency. These shutters simply exude quality and style. With a stunning appearance and unmatched versatility, plantation shutters are a preferred window treatment for today’s homeowners.

Plantation shutters provide the rustic look that’s become increasingly popular over the years. However, there are several factors that you’ll need to consider during your purchase to ensure a successful experience. Here are six of the most important things to keep in mind when shopping for plantation shutters.

1. Frame Style

The frame is used to mount your shutters, and they usually come with either an inside or outside mounting option. A strong frame will keep your panels aligned and support your window treatment for years to come. Z-frames, L-frames, and Deco frames are common for plantation shutters.

  • L-frames are square and sit directly inside the window opening, so it won’t distract from the beauty of your shutters.
  • Z-frames have an overlapping trim designed to enhance your decor. They also help to hide any gaps in the window placement.
  • Deco frames mount on the wall near the window’s opening and are a good choice when you don’t have existing trim.

Our design consultant can guide you through the pros and cons of each frame and help you make the most informed choice.

2. Divider Rails

You will also need to decide if you want divider rails for each of your shutters. Divider rails are permanent horizontal rails used to create sections so that louvers can be adjusted independently. They help to add strength and better light control to the window treatment. Keep in mind that divider rails are required for panel heights that exceed 74 inches.

3.  Louvre Size

Are you interested in a modern look with clean, wide-open windows or a more traditional appearance with classic double-hung shutters? The louvre’s size can make all the difference in how your home feels to you. With Blinds and More, Inc., you have diverse design options.

Generally, the size of louvre slats ranges from 2.5 to 4.5 inches. If you go with a smaller size, the slats will be close together. These are good choices for bedrooms where you want more privacy and don’t plan to let a lot of natural light in. Alternatively, the wider slats will be further apart, allowing more light to pass through. This makes them a great option for common areas of the home where you want to add a grander feel. They help make big windows look larger and, with the perfect tilt control, create just the right amount of ambiance for your space. Our experts can help you choose a louvre size that matches your vision.

4.  Tilt and Motorization

When buying plantation shutters, you have to consider how the shutter louvres open and close. Shutters are adjusted with a tilt rod. The traditional tilt rod is located at the front of the panel. You raise the rod up and down to adjust the tilt. Modern plantation shutters also come with invisible tilt options. In this case, you can operate louvres all at once without the need for a visible tilt rod.

Blinds and More, Inc. also offers PowerView® Motorization for your complete convenience. This system works with controls or the PowerView® app to automatically adjust your plantation shutters. You can pre-set your shutters to open in the morning and close at night without having to lift a finger. With the touch of a button, you can create a stunning room setting at just the right position.

5.  Cleaning

Your plantation shutters will need regular cleaning to stay pristine. Usually, a simple feather duster will do the trick. Keep in mind that smaller louvres may collect dust easier since the space between slats is more compact, so you should be extra thorough and ensure your duster can fit in between each one. You can also use the brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner to clear away dust. Remember never to spray water or chemical cleaners on the shutters as these can result in the warping or discoloration of the material.

6.  Cost Versus Quality

Plantation shutters are definitely an investment in your home, and prices vary across the market. To get the most years out of your shutters, it’s best to work with trusted manufacturers known for quality. At Blinds and More, Inc., we partner with the industry’s top brands to offer our clients some of the best plantation shutters available.

Consult the Experts at Blinds and More, Inc.

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