Wood Blinds

Used in furnishings for centuries from the most elegant carved filigrees to the simplest Shaker chairs, wood can embody any style. We start with the basics—superior materials and craftsmanship—so you can focus on the details that will make your Wood Blinds the perfect addition to your home

Vertical Blinds

Sophisticated Vertical Blinds in fabric or vinyl vanes form a perfect top-to-bottom solution.  Nearly 200 upscale, contemporary colors and patterns ensure that they provide an artful accent to the landscape that lies beyond your window.  Use vertical blinds to make a bold color statement, coordinate with an existing color in your décor..

Metal Blinds

Economical horizontal blinds make a subtle statement.  Aluminum blinds feature an anti-static finish that repels dust and resists scratches and stains.  Vinyl horizontal blinds offer extra-thick PVC slats for improved privacy, durability, and energy efficiency—and they are designed to coordinate perfectly with our vertical blinds, maintaining a cohesive décor throughout your home

Faux Blinds

Our Faux Woods feature a collection of paints and stains.  Looking for value in alternative wood blinds?  Faux Wood are  an economical blind collection offering white finishes and faux wood-grains in many distinct colors, all ideal for rooms with heat and humidity