Aluminum Blinds

Alta Aluminum Blinds

Uniquely modern, vintage and industrial-pro all at once, Aluminum Blinds add a sleek, metallic vibe to a kitchen or man-cave. A simple twist of the wrist opens or closes the view.

Why Alta Aluminum Blinds?

  • Keep maintenance to a minimum with our dust-resistant finish
  • Spring-tempered slats bounce back into shape, resisting those pesky kinks and dents
  • Multiple collections offer alternatives from classic cost-efficiency to premium panache with heavier-duty slats, LightsOut feature and built-in valance
  • Wide window? Hang 2 or 3 blinds on a single headrail to cover it all

Control Options

  • Cordless – Press a button on the bottomrail to lift and lower the blind. Release the button to lock the blind into place. Combined with the tilt wand, this option is a safer option in homes with children
  • Standard Cordlock / Cord Tilt – Slats are lifted and lowered with the pull of a lift cord that features a Break-Thru tassel for added child safety. Slats are tilted open and closed with a simple twist of a wand
  • Lightsout Slats – Route holes are positioned at the back of the slat, giving blinds a clean look while blocking unwanted light and increasing privacy
  • Two-on-One / Three-on-One – Keep large windows looking clean and uniform by putting two or three blinds on one continuous headrail. They look like one blind, but operate independently

Maintenance & Warranty

Limited Lifetime Warranty
We promise to stand by our product and will cover any defects in materials, mechanisms, workmanship or failure to operate properly. Because with Alta, you have a partner for life.

Hunter Douglas Aluminum Blinds

Streamline and declutter your interior with one of our sleekest window treatments. Modern Precious Metals® Aluminum Blinds offer maximum light control and are available in an array of slat sizes, colors and finishes, from matte to metallic to pearlescent hues.


  • Every Color Available – Finishes and textures, from matte to metallic to pearlescent, in a wide range of hues made for any home asthetic
  • Metal & Wood Together – A unique combination of aluminum slats with a real wood valance, bottom rail, tassels and tilt wand
  • Decorative Tapes – Offered in multiple colors and patterns, accent your windows with decorative tapes to provide a unique accent to your window treatments
  • Room Darkening – Eliminates cord holes so the sun doesn’t seep through for less light with our de-Light™
  • Durable – Hunter Douglas aluminum blinds are made with exclusive, spring-tempered alloy that allows slats to “bounce back” to withstand years of use
  • More Views – Tilted closed, it looks like a traditional blind; tilted open, reveals twice the view of an ordinary horizontal blind, while increasing incoming light at the same time

Norman Aluminum Blinds

CityLights™ Aluminum Blinds

In an array of dazzling colors, sparkly finishes with sporty perforated slat options. CityLights™, featuring exclusive Insta-Lock™ technology, provide a worry free experience and superior control with high-octane styling


  • Privacy Slats – Concealed route holes to provide ultimate privacy control and light blocking
  • Decorative Headrail – Contemporary sleek headrail with a low profile and modern appeal
  • Advanced Finished Technology – Anti-static performance to repel dust and antimicrobial bacteria.
  • Insta-Lock – Effortless precision locking of the blinds position

Skandia Aluminum Blinds

Conquest & Intrepid Series

  • Custom-made for any style and size of window for residential homes and commercial businesses
  • Minimum widths from 8″-28″
  • Maximum widths from 82″-142″
  • Lengths from 108″-126″
  • Slat/louver size from .006″-2″
  • Privacy blinds; no route holes
  • Durable hardware that lasts forever
  • Color coordinated componentry
  • Cord-free options
  • Oversized options for blinds 126″+
  • Wand motor available
  • Low profile steel head rail
  • Kid-friendly
  • Manufactured in America

Graber Aluminum Blinds

A functional favorite, Graber Aluminum Blinds not only offer the modern sensibility of aluminum, but they’re also available in warmer tones and textures, keeping up with the on-trend aesthetic. These color-coordinated components and a painting process allows blinds to dodge dust, stains, scratches, mold, and mildew, while providing maximum light control and lifetime dependability.